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Wills & Estate Planning Probate & Estate Administration

If an individual dies in Cyprus without a Will the Cypriot law Cap 189 will be applied including the provision for forced heirship. 


A Will arranged by Lophitou Antonia & Associates LLC is written to exactly match each individual’s requirements. 
Where there is a Will, probate is concluded following the provisions set out in the Will.  (In the event of a non UK or commonwealth citizen the provisions of the Will should not be in contradiction with the provision of the Law relating to forced heirship).
Where there is no Will the probate is concluded by following the relevant Law of Administration of Estates Cap189. 
In both cases it is important for individuals to seek professional legal assistance to ensure that the procedure is followed correctly and that the estate is passed to the heirs efficiently and cost effectively.
Our specialist probate service aims to complete probate as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
Lophitou Antonia & Associates LLC has over 25 years of legal and financial experience between them and aim to ensure that each client’s needs are catered for expertly and efficiently.

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