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Family Law & Divorce

Family Law


Family law relates to any matter concerned with the wellbeing, welfare and security of the family. Lophitou Antonia & Associates LLC can help families to plan for the future by considering all aspects of the law related to the family whether in business, marriage or co-habiting.


Our services include:


  • Welfare of children

  • Adoption

  • Out of Court settlements

  • Guardian (legal)

  • Trusts




Lophitou Antonia & Associates LLC understands that divorce or family breakdown is a very difficult time for everyone involved.  Our objective is to minimise the stress caused by the process of divorce and to help provide an amicable resolution for the family whenever possible.  A divorce can effect family businesses, partnerships and trusts. We can advise on all matters related to the divorce proceedings.


Our services include:


  • Handling divorce applications

  • Resolution of matrimonial property and income sharing disputes

  • Resolution of custody of children

  • Maintenance agreements and child support

  • Out of Court settlements

  • Residence disputes

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